Our Organization

  • Mission Statement The Chester County Intermediate Unit is a dynamic educational service agency providing quality, innovative and cost-effective programs and services to enhance the lives of students, educators and members of our communities.

  • Vision Statement Educational leadership for a better Chester County and beyond.

  • Our Beliefs In support of the mission, the Intermediate Unit holds the following beliefs:

    Customer Service
    We do everything with the goal of exceeding our customers' expectations.

    We work collaboratively with our partners.

    We accept a leadership role in serving the needs of our communities.

    We promote change to meet evolving needs and foster innovation.

    We serve as a liaison for our member districts at the county, state and national levels.

    Professional Commitment
    We maintain the highest standards of conduct.

    Organizational Culture
    We provide an environment that fosters teamwork, creativity, professional growth, high morale, opportunity and pride in all we do.

Our Goals

  • 2021-22 CCIU Organizational Goals

    Each June, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the CCIU forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the approved goals for the 2021-22 school year:

Goal One

  • 1 | Define CCIU's Educational Role

    • Objective 1: Improve educational outcomes for all learners enrolled in CCIU programs, and those operated by partner districts that are staffed by CCIU employees.
    • Objective 2: Provide job skills that expand career opportunities for all learners.
    • Objective 3: Carefully balance the CCIU mission to provide services to Chester County while expanding CCIU programs and services both in and out of the county.

Goal Two

  • 2 | Ensure CCIU's Financial Viability 

    • Objective 1: Create and maintain a transparent and competitive pricing structure that districts understand and value.

    • Objective 2: Adequately and equitably fund CCIU programs while maintaining the integrity of CCIU educational programs for all learners (birth through adulthood).

    • Objective 3: Establish annual growth measurement goals and continue to seek alternative revenue streams.

Goal Three

  • 3 | Communicate CCIU's Mission

    • Objective 1: Ensure that every CCIU employee embraces and consistently communicates the CCIU brand and mission, and is able to articulate its relevance to each person he or she encounters.
    • Objective 2: Communicate both internally and externally the value and quality of CCIU programs and services.
    • Objective 3: Serve as a leader in communicating legislative priorities and serve as a legislative liaison.
    • Objective 4: Become a valued source of information to our stakeholders regarding the latest research and best practices in education.

Goal Four

  • 4 | Foster CCIU's Culture and Brand

    • Objective 1: Foster a culture of excellence, innovation and creativity through customer engagement, teamwork and collaboration.
    • Objective 2: Foster a culture of support that promotes employee excellence through overall wellbeing.