Special Education

  • As a childcare service provider, you may be able to serve a key role in identifying a potential developmental delay in a child and in supporting the child and his/her family through the Chester County Intermediate Unit's free of charge evaluation process and any resulting individualized education plans (IEP) that may result. While we all want to do the very best for a child, in the end, the process itself must be started by the child's parent(s) or legal guardian(s). This can at times be a difficult situation for service providers, but our team is here to support you with those important conversations. 

    To start, we recommend you consider the following when looking to discuss any concerns you might have regarding a child's development. It is important to remember that positive outcomes of these discussions between a child's service provider and parent will help the child, family and caregiver.

  • Free developmental screenings administered by certified CCIU staff can be conducted either in-person at your preschool/early childcare site or via a virtual format. These screenings are a quick and easy way to determine if a preschool-age child would benefit from further evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services. 

    **Please Note: The Preschool Screening Request is not for individual children or for parents/guardians. It is a request form for preschools, childcare and early childhood centers interested in hosting a screening at their site.**

For more information, contact us:

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