Special Education

  • Autistic support classrooms provide intensive, language enriched programming for students on the autism spectrum. Students will receive direct instruction in order to improve their individual academic, social, behavioral and communication skills.


  • The Child and Career Development Center is focused on providing a child-centered teaching and learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

    Age Range of Students: 5 - 21

    Location: Coatesville, PA

    For more information, contact Bruce Tinor at brucet@cciu.org or 610-383-7400



    Age Range of Students: 14 - 21

    Location: Downingtown, PA

    For more information, contact Kelly Mulhall at kellymu@cciu.org or 610-518-6862

    CHAAMP is a community-based program catering to students aged 14-21 on the autism spectrum. Leveraging the community as a classroom, the program focuses on functional skills in diverse educational settings. Students benefit from a functional curriculum emphasizing social/communication skills, activities of daily living, vocational sampling and positive behavior supports. CHAAMP delivers 1:1 support in both classroom and community environments.


  • Aspire

    Age Range of Students: 18 - 21

    Location: West Chester, PA

    For more information, contact Stacey Barton at staceyb@cciu.org or 484-401-0177.

    The Aspire Program is a one-year transitional program designed for high school students on the Autism Spectrum, or with a related mental health disorder, who have completed all graduation requirements but have not accepted their diplomas. Dual-enrolled in one college course each semester, participants are college-bound and not permitted to audit courses. The program, located near West Chester University, focuses on independent campus navigation. Alongside college courses, students engage in community-based activities that foster social skill development. Additionally, participants dedicate two full days to job training through the Discover program.