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Currently Running

  • Mastery Learning and Grading Reform Program

    Facilitated by Thomas R. Guskey, Ph.D., Dara Kline and Beth McKee

    The Mastery Learning and Grading Reform Program will include time working with Thomas Guskey, Ph.D. exploring the theory and practice of mastery learning and methods for reframing grading policies and practices. Participants will also have the opportunity to extend the learning and work alongside other school teams and in consultation with CCIU staff on self-selected initiatives to deepen their learning while formulating implementation plans.

    The Everyday Behaviors of Admired Leadership

    Facilitated by: Randall Stutman, Admired Leadership® and John Sanville, UCFSD

    The Admired Leadership program teaches senior leaders how to manage through challenges, care for critical relationships, guide teams and students, and motivate and inspire by exploring behavioral choices that work. The program is designed to create continuous self-reflection, learning, application of Admired Leader® behaviors, and dialogue among participants. Participants will have access to the Admired Leadership Digital platform, designed for self-directed learning to engage the behaviors in the monthly modules prior to execution and discussion.

    Spring 2022 Cohort March through August 2022, 4 to 6 PM, the third Thursday of each month.

    Fall 2022 Cohort enrolling now! Open to a statewide audience! Explore the details and enroll.