• Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) serves students in grades K-12 through an expansive range of online course offerings that:

    • Are available in full-year (1 credit) or half-year (0.5 credit) increments during the school year, as well as available during the summer as advancement or recovery.
    • Range from core courses to elective courses, with additional academic, honors and AP levels available
    • Align with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards and accommodate multiple learning styles, abilities and intelligences.
    • Are infused with robust vocabulary, teaching and reinforcement practice, real-world situations and various assessment strategies. WebQuests, audio files, videos, podcasts, online textbooks and online discussion boards are some of the ways that technology is integrated in our curriculum.
    • Are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students work through a course at their own pace, and a sample schedule is provided to assist with time management.

Curriculum Providers

Accelerate Education

  • The Accelerate Education curriculum offers rich and engaging content that has been carefully designed to meet the standards required by states. Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessments appropriate to the courses being studied, including labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, group and individual projects, formative assessments, objective tests and written exams.


  • Edgenuity provides direct-instruction video content for lessons, making online learning more interactive and personal. They offer a large selection of unique and interesting electives. Edgenuity is a good fit for those students who are not strong readers.


  • Today, with over 140 courses, eDynamic is the largest publisher of career ready and skill-based electives in North America. eDynamic provides educators with the opportunity to create a learning environment where students have options, are engaged and energized and want to learn. The dependable user-friendly design, consistently high-quality content and flexible framework let educators deliver courses with their creativity, knowledge and skill.

Odysseyware (ODY)

  • Odysseyware (ODY) courses are prescriptive, with clear and linear paths to completion that students find helpful and easy to navigate. ODY is a good fit for most learners, particularly those who are new to online learning.