COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

CCIU Post-Vaccine FAQs

  • Does everyone in my area have to wear masks or only those not vaccinated?

  • What are the quarantine protocols the CCIU is following?

  • If I need to quarantine, how will my work schedule be impacted?

  • If I have been fully vaccinated, do I need to quarantine?

  • To whom should I report a possible exposure or positive COVID test to?

  • Does the CCIU have any work-related travel restrictions?

  • Am I able to keep my current work-from-home schedule?

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine FAQs

  • What vaccine was distributed at the CCIU PEMA Clinic?

  • Has there been an issue with Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

  • I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the CCIU PEMA Clinic in March. What do I need to do?